• Unlocking the Gates

Unlocking the Gates

Shirley Thompson & Caroline Bourner

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The tale that we are about to tell you is a Trans-Atlantic Fantasy, spanning the 19th, 20th and 21st Centuries. The following happenings seem so unlikely as to resemble a fairy story but they are based on historical events.

To begin our story, we must transport you back to the late 19th Century, where the first of two twin brothers is about to be born, in a fashionable area of London. James Carstairs enters the world first, followed by his brother, Edward, just one minute later.

At the age of two, the twins are taken to the New World, the United States of America. Sadly, just four years afterwards, their parents divorce. The twins become American citizens and eventually matriculate, at an Ivy League University.

But it is James Carstairs, the elder of the twins, around whom our story centres. He distinguishes himself, not only as a good student, but as a talented sportsman. During World War One he serves as a captain, in France.

In 1920 his life changes beyond all recognition, when his uncle, the 2nd Lord Daylesworthy, dies – and James inherits the title…

Format Paperback
Pages 168
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm

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