• Where Did It All Go Wrong? - The Story of Football in the West Midlands

Where Did It All Go Wrong? - The Story of Football in the West Midlands

John Samuels

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Birmingham would like so much to be recognised and respected as England’s second city. Unfortunately neither the local football teams nor the city Council do much to help. This book is predominantly about football but is a football book with a difference. It is concerned with the history of the football clubs in the region but it is more concerned with the governance of the clubs, with the ownership, and with the managers than with the players. There are three questions the study seeks to answer. One, why have the local clubs failed? Two, would success in football have benefited the region? Three, will results be better in the future? The conclusion reached regarding where the clubs have gone wrong is that it is the result of poor leadership, poor governance and a poor image. These are problems that have troubled many aspects of life in the West Midlands region, not just football.

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John Samuels is an Emeritus Professor of Business Finance. He is engaged with the Business School at the University of Birmingham. He has been a keen supporter of football in Birmingham and the rest of the West Midlands for many decades.
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