• From Stormy Seas to Calmer Waters

From Stormy Seas to Calmer Waters

Commander Anthony Pearse

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  • ISBN: 9781858584270
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A fascinating story of a working life spanning 52 years. Entering the Royal Navy at the age of 18, the author experiences the Japanese War in the Far East, being hit by a new German radio controlled weapon at the Salerno landings, and convoy protection and submarine hunting in the Atlantic.

His ship is torpedoed in peacetime by a British submarine, he becomes involved in fiery politics in Malta, and is appointed to head a Training team in Kenya whilst on loan to President Kenyatta as Commander in Chief of the emerging Kenya Navy – and in the time of the Cold War finds himself entertaining the Russian Admiral in command of a visiting missile squadron.

Containing personal tragedy and outstanding successes, From Stormy Seas to Calmer Waters is a colourful illustration of the excitement and satisfaction which can be obtained by 37 years in Her Majesty’s Navy and 15 further years in commerce.

Format Paperback
Pages 72
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm
Illustrations black & white

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