• Lethal Lozenges and Tainted Tea - John Postgate and The Crusade For Safe Food

Lethal Lozenges and Tainted Tea - John Postgate and The Crusade For Safe Food

John Postgate F.R.S.

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Emeritus Professor John Postgate has written a definitive biography of his distinguished ancestor and namesake. John Postgate, the subject of this book, pioneered safe food and was effectively an early and unrecognised champion of the consumer. In the nineteenth century at a time when food adulteration was commonplace, he vigorously campaigned for legislation to stamp out the dangerous practices then common in the food industry. The support given by Birmingham's Mayors and MPs to the campaign is also highlighted in the book. Success eventually came with the necessary Bill in 1875 which became the Sales of Food and Drugs Act. Professor Postgate also deals with John Postgate's family life, presenting a rounded and balanced view of his life and accomplishments.

"Well written, well balanced, informative and readable."

Dr. D. G. King Hele FRS


"Meticulously researched and beautifully written."

Dr. M. Gelling F.B.A. (University of Birmingham)


"Postgate junior's neat and concise account makes for fascinating reading, not least because he is alive to contrast between then and now."

The Guardian - Aug 2001


The latterday Postgate embellishes Lethal Lozenges and Tainted Tea with vivid descriptions of adulteration from wilful substitutions and accidental contaminations to illicit practices that later became orthodox"

New Scientist - May 2001


" John Postgate well known science writer, describes the important role of his great-grandfather...The book is thoroughly researched and written in the lucid prose we expect from 'John the Microbiologist'."

Microbiology Today - Nov 2001

Format Paperback
Pages 90
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm
Illustrations black & white

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