• Life in Brampton with Lizzie the Witch (Cumbria)

Life in Brampton with Lizzie the Witch (Cumbria)

David Moorat

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Lizzie Baty, the Brampton Witch (1729-1817), lived close to the village of Brampton in Cumbria and was said to be a ‘canny auld body’. A wise woman, she achieved great notoriety in her day.

Numerous tales and anecdotes have been handed down over the years relating to Lizzie’s ‘second-sight’, witchcraft and the strange powers that she appeared to possess. They tell of spells, curses and prophecies with Lizzie turning into a hare, her knack of finding lost objects, forecasting marriages as well as strange happenings at her funeral.

This book serves to collect together these varying accounts and attempts to establish which are fact and which might be fiction. Whatever conclusion the reader may reach, the Brampton Witch stories, whether real or imagined, are part of Brampton’s heritage and deserve to be preserved.

Format Paperback
Pages 72
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm
Illustrations 28 colour and black & white

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