• Original Skin

Original Skin

Ed. Yvonne Brissett & Ava Ming

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  • ISBN: 070930255X
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In an engaging and compelling style, these voices tackle the dark side of human nature. Vivid imagery of violent crime, murder and abuse does not go amiss, whilst mental health, fraud and other criminal activity finds its place on these pages. Simultaneously love, beauty, grace, integrity and forgiveness provide a poignant contrast. All the stories in this book, each in their own unique way portray the stuff of life, relationships, love, jealousy, hate, anger, rejection, happiness, success, triumph and many more themes as characters embark on emotional journeys.

Refreshing, innovative and inspiring, the words jump off these pages as themes around originality in today’s contemporary society are explored.

Format Paperback
Pages 144
Dimensions 108mm x 165mm

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Lok Virsa

Lok Virsa