• Poverty and Opportunity - 100 years of the Birmingham Settlement (pb)

Poverty and Opportunity - 100 years of the Birmingham Settlement (pb)

Jon Glasby

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Commissioned to celebrate the centenary of the Birmingham Settlement, Poverty and Opportunity is a detailed social history not only of the work of the Settlement but also of life in Birmingham's inner city. Founded on 29th September 1899, the settlement is a voluntary social agency serving the local community from its base on Summer Lane Newtown, but with a national and even an international reputation in some areas of its work. In 1999, it was the largest and one of the best known British Settlements in what has become one of the most enduring social movements of the twentieth century.

"This is an inspiring book about a proud organisation which, as the author points out, is well placed to take a leading role in welfare provision at the beginning of the 21st Century."
Source: New Sector - Community & Co-operative Enterprise

Format Paperback
Pages 224
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm
Illustrations black & white

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