• Rags for Pennies (Stechford)

Rags for Pennies (Stechford)

David A. Prosser

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  • Publisher: Brewin Books
  • ISBN: 9781858587493
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Brought up in a large family living in a council house in the Stechford area of postwar Birmingham, David Prosser’s childhood was not easy, he knew hardships and hunger, wearing worn out clothes and pumps with holes in. But, along with his best friend Trevor, David enjoyed the freedom of his youth with nearby fields, trees to climb, a river to play in and lots of places to explore. Times were hard so they did anything they could to make money: running errands for neighbours, carrying bags of coal on their backs, spending many hours on the tip collecting scrap metal and collecting rags from door to door to sell for pennies. Just two Brummie lads getting by on their wits trying to earn enough to pay for sweets, trips to the swimming baths and the cinema.
Format Paperback
Pages 266
Dimensions 210mm x 148mm
Illustrations 53 colour and black & white

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