• Tales out of School (Balsall Heath)

Tales out of School (Balsall Heath)

Ed. Val Hart

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Memories of school days are special. Everyone has them but they are infinite in their variety. The memories in this book span a century and were collected and recorded from 120 different people mainly connected to Balsall Heath in some way.

Some of the older memories recall times of strict discipline in the old Board Schools or describe the challenges of school during the Second World War. More recent memories reflect the changes in our education system, the banning of corporal punishment and the raising of the school leaving age.

This book presents a far wider picture however. Balsall Heath and Birmingham are now home to many people who have moved here from abroad and these school memories provide extraordinary contrasts between schooling in England and various other countries; America, Africa, Australia, Hungary, India, Ireland, Pakistan, Scotland and Wales.

This is therefore a story of change told through the memories of many people. It is also a unique record of what school felt like and how people experienced it. This is not the official history. It is drawn from life itself.

This project was part funded by Awards For All and The European Regional Development Fund.

Format Paperback
Pages 136
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm
Illustrations black & white

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