• The Grocer's Granddaughter (Ombersley)

The Grocer's Granddaughter (Ombersley)

Rose Parish

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As the child of a family running a busy village shop, the author developed the ability to be ‘a fly on the wall’ watching, listening and establishing lasting memories. She has drawn up a very special picture of life in the Worcestershire village of Ombersley during the 1940s. This is a pithy account of village life as it was, offering a view decidedly unlike a picture-postcard image. The full stratum of village life is reflected, drawing attention to a variety of ideas and attitudes; poverty, wealth, a common work ethic, crime, tragedy, sorrow and pleasure are all there in the village mixing pot.

Vivid accounts of school days under the eagle eye of a Dickensian Headmaster, together with tales of growing up in the countryside, are recounted. For her friends and herself, life was a ‘let’s pretend’ world of carefree childhood, playing around a lake and streams, enjoying the river bank and roving freely in lovely parkland, woods and meadows. Visitors to the village were always a source of interest and included Romany gypsies and American soldiers. The villagers knew how to enjoy themselves in a variety of ways including sporting activities, singing, dancing, and entertaining others. The author also recalls her Grandmother’s stories, which add another dimension to this book.

Format Paperback
Pages 184
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm
Illustrations 74 black & white

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