• Travels With My Camera

Travels With My Camera

Rosemary Morris

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The idea of this book started many years ago with my love of nature, places and people. If I think it is interesting, it has to be photographed! It all started when a friend of my family took some pictures of us as children. I was so fascinated with the camera that he let me have a try. On my thirteenth birthday my parents bought me a Brownie C620. I dashed over the fields to photograph a Point-to-Point Horse Race.

Although I took many photographs, I did not get serious about photography until my daughter married and my brother-in-law suggested I got a Canon AV1 and since then I have always used Canon cameras. Now I have an EOS 90D plus a 100 to 400 MkII lens for wildlife with a 1.4mm extension. I have an EOS 7D MkII I use for landscape and close work with a 24 to 105mm lens. As I got older I found it difficult to carry other heavy lenses. Over the last 20 years or so, one of my travelling companions has been Bas Yates who is also a wildlife photographer and a cousin with the same interests. We are constantly competing to get a better photograph.

My 70 years as a photographer have been fantastic, I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I have enjoyed taking them.

Format Paperback
Pages 160
Dimensions 245mm x 245mm
Illustrations 262 colour

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