• All Change - Memories of a Railway Enthusiast

All Change - Memories of a Railway Enthusiast

Bob Brueton

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‘All change, all change’. The station announcer’s voice shrieks out over the platform tannoy as the train grinds to a halt with a squealing of brakes. Doors opening, people tumbling out, looking this way and that, looking for relatives, loved ones or just not sure which way to go. Struggling with luggage, trying to hold onto small children, some impatient, some happy and laughing.

The station announcer offers help. ‘This train terminates here, passengers for Bristol, Plymouth and Penzance make your way to platform 11, passengers for Preston, Carlisle, Glasgow and Edinburgh make your way to platform 6’.

Journeys to opposite ends of Great Britain, the excitement of travel, departing, arriving, sights, sounds and smells. The author travelled the length and breadth of Britain in pursuit of steam engines witnessing the diverse scenery, conditions and culture. He recounts the adventures and mishaps during these travels, the people he met, the camaraderie and friendships developed.

All Change is also a description of life growing up in the 40s, 50s and 60s. The progress from the post war doldrums, poor living conditions, food rationing to the ‘boom’ times of the 60s. As Harold Macmillan said ‘you never had it so good’.

The author recalls memories of growing up in these times, the hardships, rewards, joys and sadness. Home, school, work, holidays, family, friends and neighbours are all remembered with warmth and humour.

If you lived in this era it will stir some memories and emotions, if you didn’t then it will provide an insight into a largely bygone age.

Format Paperback
Pages 144
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm
Illustrations 92 black & white

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