• Birmingham: 1900 to 1970

Birmingham: 1900 to 1970

Alton Douglas

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Cuts, cuts and more cuts! Well, that may be the way of the world at the moment – but NOT in this book. In our determination to give added value we’ve crammed over 400 items into its pages – and what a proud collection it is!

As you go through the years you’ll be struck by how much trouble was taken over advertising a hundred years ago; how the drama, sadness and pride of The Great War still has an impact today and how the more sedate pace of the 20’s comes across in our extremely rare photographs (and there are plenty of those throughout). In the 30’s, despite the belt-tightening of the decade, people still made an effort to be clean and tidy and just as importantly, productive. On into the 40’s, with more dramatic images of where the bombs fell and how we recovered and pulled together to help secure that wonderful victory. The 50’s and 60’s are very well represented with acres of street scenes and lots of examples of the part entertainment played in our lives.

Forget those cuts and just revel in a city and a past of which we can all be proud.

Format PB
Pages 96
Dimensions 297mm x 210mm
Illustrations black & white

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Birmingham in the 70s and 80s

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