• The Birmingham Scrapbook Vol 2

The Birmingham Scrapbook Vol 2

Alton Douglas

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Most of the comments about "The Birmingham Scrapbook Vol 1" seemed to relate to the more historic items so, although this edition stretches from 1867 to 1969, the bulk of the material comes under the 'lost gems' heading. To be honest, for example, how often have you seen photographs of Ann Street or Green's Village; the farms of Hay Mills; or, apart from our books, anything representing the city during the First World war?

Thanks to your efforts (along with a bit of help from us) we can go back to the era of trams and see, mainly for the first time, some of the more unusual happenings and high drama of the Second World War. Then, to complete the mix, the more familiar sights of post-war Birmingham. Actually, in one sense, that word 'familiar' isn't strictly true because, as with all Alton's books, most of the items have never been seen before. So, prepare yourself for a lovely wallow in the world of yesterday!

Format PB
Pages 100
Dimensions 297mm x 210mm
Illustrations black & white

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The Birmingham Scrapbook Vol 1

The Birmingham Scrapbook Vol 1