• Bella - An Unsolved Murder

Bella - An Unsolved Murder

Joyce M. Coley

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After 60 years the question is still chalked on walls around the area. WHO PUT BELLA IN THE WYCHE ELM? Other unsolved murders have not caused such a reaction.

For several years I have been asked to give talks about the mystery. Plays have been written and an Opera. Two television programmes have been made during the last twenty years.

It is a fascinating and sad story with links to the war. The most intriguing aspect is that the evidence changed and a veil of secrecy was drawn so tightly around the event that those who were there became silent, and the police refused to open their files even for television reporters... 60 years later.

Format Paperback
Pages 32
Dimensions 210mm x 148mm
Illustrations 18 black & white

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