• A Lady of Letters - Catherine Hutton

A Lady of Letters - Catherine Hutton

Audrey Duggan

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Catherine Hutton left behind many letters which, together with her novels, portray a vivid picture of life in the Birmingham of her day. She writes of schooldays, dancing lessons and the magnificent Balls she attended: of entertaining and being entertained.

Her account of the Priestley Riots describes how it felt to fall victim to the brutality of the rioters and her Letters from North Wales, an account of her 'tours' across that country, were to turn her into one of the most popular travel writers of the time.

Catherine's interests brought her into contact with people as diverse as Napoleon III and Sir Walter Scott; Charles Dickens and Joseph Priestley. She describes how she came to live such a full life. She, "never was for one moment unemployed when it was possible to be doing something."

Format Paperback
Pages 180
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm
Illustrations black & white

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