• Bluebells and Gypsies (Warwickshire)

Bluebells and Gypsies (Warwickshire)

Mary Daniels

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During World War II Mary Smallwood went with her family to live on a farm in a Warwickshire country village. Bluebells and Gypsies is a record of those early childhood years. Memories of that idyllic time have stayed with her vividly, not as a historic record but colouring the rest of her life.

After leaving school she trained as a State Registered Nurse and a Health Visitor in Birmingham and was also a freelance writer. She married Birmingham journalist John Daniels and is a mother and grandmother.

Mary now raises money for charities through her membership of International Inner Wheel.

Format Paperback
Pages 64
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm
Illustrations 42 black & white

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