• How to Potty Train

How to Potty Train

Judith Hough and Diane Titterton

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Jude and Di, creators of award winning potty training product, Dry Like Me, bring all their experience and expertise together in this essential toolkit.

This book is the definitive potty training guide, uniquely aimed at both parents and children.

How to Potty Train offers parents helpful advice, tips and resources to guide them through each stage, from identifying the signs that their child is ready to begin, through to the final stage of night time potty training.

The colourful 'read together' sections help introduce potty training to young children in a fun way with beautiful illustrations to capture their attention and motivate them to make the leap into grown up pants.

How to Potty Train makes potty training simple and enjoyable for parents and children and promotes success at this key milestone.

About the Authors

Business women and friends, Judith Hough and Diane Titterton met working in the Energy industry. In 2008 they invented the award winning potty training product, Dry Like Me as a result of the issues they faced while potty training their own children.

Since 2008 they have worked with a wide spectrum of experts and Health Professionals and have developed their own philosophy and programme on potty training. In addition, Jude and Di have advised many parents on the issues they face while going through the process.

This book is the sum of all the knowledge that has been gained over the last five years.

Format Paperback
Pages 64 + 4pp stickers!
Dimensions 210mm x 210mm
Illustrations colour

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