• The Power of the Pendant

The Power of the Pendant

Cerys Stansfield with Shirley Thompson

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She looked up and saw the most amazing castle that she had ever seen. The castle was a beautiful white colour, with the sun’s gentle rays reflecting off it. It was floating on clouds, for clouds were its best support in the sky. There was a golden stairway, leading up to the front door. The stairway was at an angle and was difficult to climb. She clambered up, holding on tightly. Eventually she reached the top, exhausted, tired - and worried about what was in this extraordinary place!

 * * * *

When Cerys goes to the cupboard under the stairs, to collect her coat, one morning, little does she suspect what awaits her there - for she stumbles into the Land of Grace: an enchanted world, of queens, dwarfs and princesses. Tortoises riding chickens, evil potions… and a witch posing as a court photographer are everyday occurrences, plus eccentric sorcerers, toy soldiers who become human and a cornucopia of other creatures, of every size and description.

This is a highly imaginative tale, written in the third person, by a nine-year-old schoolgirl, with herself as the main character, accompanied by a group of school friends and family, who share her fantastic adventure.

Although Cerys is the main storyteller, guidance has been provided, to some extent, by her English tutor, the biographer and novelist Shirley Thompson. Designed for children of all ages, this humorous fantasy will no doubt appeal to adults too!

Creativity is a family trait: the delightful illustrations are by Cerys’ 16-year-old Irish cousin, Micheál (pronounced Mihall) Doyle.

Format Paperback
Pages 56
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm
Illustrations black & white

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