• Come To My Shangri-La

Come To My Shangri-La

Ingeborg B. Durrani

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A pictorial insight into traditional life in the shadow of the Western Himalayas.

The inception for this book occurred when our Pakistani relations came to tea at our winter abode in Islamabad, the capital of the country. They had brought their young charges with them. To entertain them, we took them to a valley near our own home. Our young companions had never seen such views of Pakistan from this angle. There are youngsters in the big cities who are very ‘westernized’ and oblivious of their own culture.

Having visited Pakistan two years ago, I did notice a great change and difference, but the countryside still seems more or less unaffected. However, one thing has definitely changed as most of the people walk around with mobile phones nowadays.

Differentiated work-sheets for teachers in the areas of Geography, English or Religious Education (Levels 4-7) are available on request from ingedurrani@yahoo.com.

Format Paperback
Pages 44
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm
Illustrations 50 colour

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