• Hampton Loade

Hampton Loade

Kate Creed

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  • Publisher: Brewin Books
  • ISBN: 9781858584744
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A journey that gives the reader a peek into the past and a gentle probe into life’s trials, tribulations, changes and difficulties which led to the ultimate survival of this beautiful Shropshire spot.

It travels across the river, down the river, alongside it and occasionally under it. It tells tales of industry, commerce and private enterprise, the life and times of the ironworks and the old public houses. It is mindful of those who had the foresight to make some necessary changes in the village and those who have had the good grace to accept changes imposed upon them. It covers a diverse range of subject matter; including the old Ironworks and its place beside the prominent names of the industrial revolution, the ferry, the bridge, the railway and three public houses, the River and Rail, the Unicorn and The Lion.

Format Paperback
Pages 72
Dimensions 210mm x 148mm
Illustrations colour

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