• Dogs and a Cottage (Airedales)

Dogs and a Cottage (Airedales)

Dora Wright

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When Dora Wright found herself jobless at fifty, with her marriage and friendship in ruins, she did not despair for long. From the wreckage she had rescued her three Airedale bitches and enough money to begin buying a tiny cottage in deepest rural Kent. The only way was up, and she set about the climb with determination, courage and humour. At last she could build her breeding kennels and live life on her terms. Obliged to work trimming and boarding dogs as well as looking after her own growing pack, she often only just made ends meet. The wild garden and dilapidated house cried out for attention, but despite her enthusiasm there were only twenty-four hours in the day and money was short. Like the pioneer she often felt she should have been, Dora tackled every job and obstacle with dauntless ingenuity. Slowly her perfect life took shape.

Many people dream of retiring to a country cottage with beloved animals. This is the story of one, born in smoky London, who made her dream come true.

Format Hardback
Pages 160
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm
Illustrations 31 colour

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