• From Africa to the Arctic (HMS Beagle)

From Africa to the Arctic (HMS Beagle)

Peter Ward

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This book is based on the Diary kept by 21 years old Peter Ward (Leading Seaman Radar), between June, 1943 and June, 1944. He was a crew member of a 'B' Class Destroyer, HMS Beagle, during World War II, which was involved in avoiding torpedoes, entering mine fields, surviving bombing by German aircraft, to say nothing of sharing the sinking of a U-boat with HMS Tracker. 'Beagle' was engaged mostly with escort duties, initially over a period of five months, protecting merchant ships (which were transporting supplies etc.) from German submarines.

After a spell of sailing up and down the West Coast of Africa whilst based at Freetown, Sierra Leone, the 'Beagle' spent the following seven months acting as an escort destroyer for Russian Convoys, the Arctic trips numbering six.

The diary ends with a graphic account of 'Beagle's' involvement in the 'D' Day Landings, which included sailing with the armada on the morning of 6th June, and later shepherding several large American Landing Craft to Omaha Beach.

Format Paperback
Pages 96
Dimensions 210mm x 148mm
Illustrations black & white

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