• The Going Down of the Sons

The Going Down of the Sons

Paul J. Thornber

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Birmingham poet Paul Thornber and Terry Carter, the author of “Birmingham Pals” regularly visit the Battlefields of the Somme, the scene of the attack commencing on the 1st July 1916, along an eighteen mile front which, by the time it had stagnated into stalemate in mid November, had cost the predominantly British forces 420,000 casualties of which 125,000 were dead. Ground gained for this staggering cost was, in some places around 7 miles, in others none.

The 250 military cemeteries and the 6 memorials to the missing, in an area no greater than one of the suburbs of Birmingham, bear mute witness to this sacrificial “Going Down of the Sons”.

Many books have been written on the military aspects of events which took place at a time at the very edge of memory in this evocative area. None have attempted to probe into that memory, by attempting to reflect in poetry and text the feelings and emotions of those who were there... and are there still.

Paul’s intuitive and sensitive poetry coupled with Terry’s military expertise and understanding makes this unique book... A JOURNEY YOU MAY NEVER FORGET, AMONG THOSE YOU MUST NEVER FORGET.

Format Paperback
Pages 120
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm
Illustrations 46 black & white

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