• Veg Verses (Gardening)

Veg Verses (Gardening)

Jane and Peter Coleman

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  • Publisher: Brewin Books
  • ISBN: 9781858587325
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Nothing beats the taste of freshly picked vegetables that you’ve grown yourself. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or are thinking of attempting to ‘grow your own’ for the first time, Veg Verses looks at some of our favourite (and not so favourite) vegetables.

From beetroot to broad beans, from parsnips to potatoes, this collection of verse covers them all, with a light-hearted look at propagation, growing and most importantly harvesting and eating!

It might not be the typical ‘gardener’s guide’ but that was never the idea, the objective is to simply highlight a few things that you might encounter in your gardening efforts.

Leaving aside the idea of putting food on your plate, the veg gardening process is hopefully an enjoyable pastime with a worthwhile end product.

Format Paperback
Pages 50
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm
Illustrations 44 colour

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