• Kitchen Wisdom

Kitchen Wisdom

Warwickshire WI

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Kitchen Wisdom contains practical cooking, recipe tips and skills everyone from beginners to advanced cooks will enjoy. The book celebrates 100 years of Warwickshire WI with favourite recipes, some passed down through generations and others destined to follow on through future generations. Often with personal anecdotes, the reader is given a brief insight into members’ lives, bringing the personal touch into their own home.

Well established Warwickshire chefs, our National Chairman Lynne Stubbings (a Warwickshire lady), well known celebrity chef Brian Turner CBE and the members all contribute to make this book a joy to use.

Readers will find a recipe for every occasion from family suppers to special events catering for large numbers.

Beautiful photographs set the tone for each chapter tempting you to get cooking. The WI is known for inspiring in many ways and this book certainly does not disappoint!

Format Paperback
Pages 168
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm
Illustrations 74 colour

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