• Olive: Princess of Cumberland (1772-1834) – A Royal Scandal

Olive: Princess of Cumberland (1772-1834) – A Royal Scandal

Miles Macnair

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  • ISBN: 9781858584812
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This is the gripping story of a truly remarkable woman who claimed in her later life to be a legitimate niece of King George III, by his brother Henry Duke of Cumberland. It is a tale of seduction and corruption, of artists and courtiers, State secrets and court-cases, ‘Special Agents’ and inconvenient children who were never quite certain who their parents had been. Who was Olive Wilmot? The result of four years research and based largely on letters and documents never published before, this book unravels the mysteries of her scandalous life and, in the last chapter, offers some solutions to enigmas that have intrigued historians for nearly 200 years.

‘What a riveting story you have uncovered, my eyes were out on stalks! I think you have a best-seller on your hands.’
Victoria Glendinning

Format Hardback
Pages 232
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm
Illustrations 34 colour and black & white

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