• Nourishing Social Renewal

Nourishing Social Renewal

Dr Dick Atkinson OBE

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This book uses the Third World question, “how do you feed a hungry person?”, in order to answer the First World’s need for social renewal and to build the Big Society. It points out that if the well intentioned State does things ‘to’ and ‘for’ people it will merely make them dependent. However, if it enables them to do things for themselves, it will make them independent and proud.

The book takes Balsall Heath, an inner ring neighbourhood of Birmingham, as its starting point. It analyses why it had become blighted by the 1980s and how its residents renewed it in the years since then. From having been one of Birmingham’s least desirable areas, it is now one of its most attractive ones. Residents there feel empowered, confident and enjoy caring for each other.

The book looks at how this transformation has happened and how it can be replicated in any neighbourhood. In particular, it asks and answers the question: How can social renewal take place without external funding by empowering residents and by using existing mainstream budgets differently?

Senior Politicians from all the parties have visited Balsall Heath and said that it holds the key which could unlock the door to the renewal of many neighbourhoods throughout the land. Those visitors include: David Cameron, Iain Duncan Smith, Oliver Letwin, David Willetts, Paddy Ashdown, David Blunkett and Hazel Blears.

But, don’t just take their word for it that Balsall Heath is special and that the lessons to be learned from its self-help success can be applied in many neighbourhoods. Read this book and consider for yourself how important these lessons are. More, consider how you can apply them in the neighbourhood where you live or the neighbourhoods for which you have statutory or political responsibility. The whole country has asked: What is the Big Society? Is it important? And, if it is, how can we build it? If you want positive answers to these questions, read this book.

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Pages 136
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