• Planet BB: The Boys’ Brigade Around The World

Planet BB: The Boys’ Brigade Around The World

Ed. David Chant

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The Boys’ Brigade has just celebrated its 125th Anniversary. In 1883, Sir William Alexander Smith founded the first uniformed youth organisation in Glasgow. He would soon see his Church based movement spread to all corners of the world.

This book features histories, stories, and interviews from the UK, the Caribbean, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the United States of America.

Never before has a book been published on the BB around the world. Each article has been written by experts and dedicated people who are passionate about the work the BB does in their country. These authors range from boys, officers, Battalion Secretaries and Presidents.

Everybody involved in this book has donated their time and efforts for no financial reward. Every penny of the royalties from the sales of the book will go towards helping Boys’ Brigade Companies in countries where there is a need for funding. Some find it hard to buy uniforms, sports equipment and band instruments, and many will not even be able to afford to buy this book!

With your help, we can provide essential items to help grow the organisation in countries where there is civil war, drought, and economic crisis. Within the pages of this book you will find ways of ‘gifting’ copies, or donating to the work of the BB overseas.

The front cover photograph shows the boys and girls of the 5th Tanjung Morawa Company and was taken by Resien Chiu of Lhokseumawe, Indonesia. Girls now make up more than 50% of some Boys’ Brigade Companies in some countries around the world.

Format Paperback
Pages 144
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm
Illustrations 171 black & white and colour

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