• Steroids in Society - Use & Abuse

Steroids in Society - Use & Abuse

Peter Sheldon

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Amongst the most important medical discoveries, no-doubt the average person would cite antibiotics, and then perhaps anaesthetics. If steroids were suggested, there would be a rapid intake of breath, and the words 'side effects' would invariably follow. Yet we all make steroids in our bodies, without them we would die, as formerly occurred in Addison's disease. They are life saving, not only in this condition, but also in severe lupus, and protect against blindness in temporal arteritis. Together with other disease-modifying drugs, they are of value in rheumatoid arthritis, and in skin diseases. Countless asthmatics owe relief to steroids, both in the form of inhalers, and as short courses of tablets.

Used wisely, and when appropriate together with bone-protecting drugs, steroids are a real boon to Medicine. With nearly half a century's experience in the NHS, the author feels that the record needs to be put straight, and this book explains how steroids come into everyone's lives.


About the Author

The author is currently a practising consultant rheumatologist at Leicester Royal Infirmary. In this role, he has amassed considerable experience in the prescribing of steroids for connective tissue disease, principally rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus. Most gratifying of all however, is the dramatic response in patients with polymyalgia rheumatica. Yet many patients shy away through fear of side effects graphically foretold them by well-wishing friends. In the author's opinion, the benefits of steroids far outweigh their risks.

His other works include, The Life and Times of William Withering, his Work, his Legacy and The fall and rise of Aspirin, the wonder drug.

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