• The Midlands’ Metal - Nickel in the Service of Man

The Midlands’ Metal - Nickel in the Service of Man

Ian Dillamore

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No individual element has affected more areas of our lives than Nickel. Although it can be found in artefacts from early in Man’s history, it was not until it was isolated and purified that it could be used to make possible some of the life-changing developments of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. That this happened on Birmingham Heath made Birmingham and the West Midlands the centre of the Nickel Industry for a hundred years. Its development in Birmingham followed from the area initiating the Industrial Revolution and taking over the Brass Industry, as is explained in a historical review. The history is followed by a chapter comparing nickel with the other useful elements and fourteen further chapters explaining, in layman’s terms, the wide ranging influence the metal has had, in each case starting from the discovery of the phenomena that underlie the effects.
Format Paperback
Pages 200
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm
Illustrations 97 colour and black & white

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