• The Stranger at the Window

The Stranger at the Window

Guy McElveny

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  • Publisher: Brewin Books
  • ISBN: 9781858585499
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January 1944. At a railway station in the Midlands, a young man is awaiting the return of his heroic older brother Geoff, an RAF airman who is due home on leave. He is curious to see if Geoff has been changed by his nightly bombing missions, as he too will soon be departing for war.

Together they go to a dance where the younger brother meets and falls in love with the beautiful Irene. Their relationship will be tested not only by wartime events, but by a growing suspicion that Geoff has feelings for Irene which are reciprocated.

The Stranger at the Window is a moving account of love, loss and jealousy in wartime Britain.

Format Paperback
Pages 104
Dimensions 198mm x 129mm

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