• Sutton Coldfield In The Fifties (Part 1 - The Early Fifties)

Sutton Coldfield In The Fifties (Part 1 - The Early Fifties)

John Bassett

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The second book in the series covering 1930s to 1960 includes stories and photographs not previously published from Suttonians and temporary residents. In addition the Author recounts life in the town, railway employment and some humorous encounters with a Sergeant Major, though not funny at the time!

Subjects that appear in the five years include: Public misuse of the N.H.S., Local funding of the B.R.M., Festival of Britain events, Riland-Bedford School not ready, Farm mechanisation, first public square dance, 500+ families on the Falcon Lodge Estate, the death of King George VI, and subsequent Coronation planning and a selection of Sutton and district 1953 Coronation Celebrations, R.A.F. life at 216 M.U. and a Reddicap Hill fatality.

The Sutton Coldfield News accurately predicted Sutton Park would be the World Scout Jamboree venue in 1957, Sutton needed a crematorium, Trow family ice cream secrets, Blackroot Timber Mill, unavoidable predicted damage of Sutton Park from the Jamboree.

Sutton Coldfield’s January 1955 rail crash, with seventeen fatalities remains in the memories of many people in the 21st century. There was an infant school too full, Mere Green prejudice, death of a well known medic, Falcon Lodge Community Hall opened, and post-rail crash hardship.

Format Paperback
Pages 176
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm
Illustrations black & white

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