• The Bournville Barge Mystery

The Bournville Barge Mystery

A.S. Baker

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It is a grey Saturday morning in August, 1921, and the leaden skies of Birmingham rain down upon a barge full of young Cadbury workers, heading off from Bournville for a week at Camp School. Excitement is high as the itinerary is revealed, but none can foresee the distant milestone besides which two of their number will stumble across a mysterious object. Their discovery sparks an adventure of intrigue and danger, humour and romance, interlaced with a fascinating historical travelogue, through which the quest to unravel the Bournville Barge Mystery unfurls like the weed-choked Warwickshire canal upon which they travel.

About the Author

A.S. Baker was born and educated in Birmingham and attended Exeter University where he read French and English literature. He spent all of his career working in the food industry, including 11 years running businesses for Cadbury’s, for whom all of his grandparents and several great grandparents also once worked.

Format Paperback
Pages 288
Dimensions 198mm x 129mm

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