• The Broken Elephant

The Broken Elephant

Paul Francis

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Bangkok, Thailand, 1969. Young British lawyer Matt Benson has his first case. He’s a long way from home, it’s hot and he finds himself facing the might of the American military justice system in a court martial the Pentagon is determined to win.

His client is US Army veteran Sgt Al Moreau, accused of selling off military vehicles destined for troops in Vietnam. Matt has to catch up fast with US Army law. His tough client won’t make life easy. Nor will his new apartment above a seedy Go-Go Bar or a love affair with a US Army nurse who’s hiding a dangerous secret.

Al is depending on him. Matt can’t let him down. He forms a bond that’s hard to break in a case that will stay with him forever.

*     *     *

Based on the adventures of David Hallmark, OBE, the only English lawyer to appear in a US court martial during the Vietnam war.

About the Author

Author Paul Francis is a freelance journalist living in Worcester.

He has worked on newspapers throughout the Midlands and is a Life Member of the National Union of Journalists.

He has written for screen and stage as well as several prize-winning short stories and was once part of a group of most promising writers at the BBC.

His varied interests include music, playing the piano, cinema, literature, history and running. He is married and spends as much time as possible travelling, particularly visiting his two sons, one in London and one in America.

Format Paperback
Pages 264
Dimensions 198mm x 129mm

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